Welcome to The Octopus Diaries

Ok…so I’m guessing by now you’ve figured out that this blog is not about some weird fascination with eight armed cephalopods.  If you haven’t, then I am really sorry to disappoint and based on some of my posts, you’re most definitely in the wrong place!

Born from a love, and border line obsession, of everything food and drink related; The Octopus Diaries are not an expert’s opinion (I am very clearly no Jay Rayner), but simply my personal thoughts, experiences and possibly some dodgy pictures and dubiously funny anecdotes about dining out.  They are named as so, because in my case to have eight arms would truly be better than two.  The fact that the name is a little random (as are some of the posts), and has a somewhat tenuous link to food, apparently added to the appeal!

The Octopus Diaries blog is a shout out to the independents of the restaurant industry…nope…no thoughts about chains on here.  However, that’s not to say I’m not a bit of a fast food freak or enjoy the odd trip to one of the many establishments that sit in every town or city; but having worked in the industry for a number of years I am a big fan of businesses that are run with passion and an insatiable desire to offer people a different dining experience, value for money and, essentially…great food.  To sum it up uniqueness rocks.  And we’re all for a bit of uniqueness around here,

While based in Cardiff in South Wales, octopuses will travel – so while a number of my posts are about restaurants on my doorstep, there is an exciting culinary world out there to discover.

I hope you enjoy the blog and it gives you some inspiration (and maybe a laugh or two!) on where to dine out next.  If it has…then my work here is done.  Thanks for reading!

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The Legal Bit

While I would be pretty chuffed if someone thought my words or photos were good enough to copy or reproduce, The Octopus Diaries is my personal blog and all opinions and photographs (unless otherwise stated) are my own.  Therefore, if you feel the need to use my content in any way please contact me beforehand.

My thoughts, unless otherwise stated, are formed as an anonymous and paying guest.

All additional information provided is deemed accurate at the time of writing, however always remember that menus, opening hours and prices can change overtime.  If my post was a while back, please double check the individual restaurant’s website.