Acts of Foodie Randomness

Ok…so as I may have mentioned in my ‘about me‘ blurb, this blog is prone to a bit of randomness; and I bet, based on some of the posts, you may have thought it was pretty random anyway!  The Octopus Diaries is first and foremost about dining out, however sometimes I come across (yes…ok so I go out of my way to seek out) dining or drinking experiences that I really can’t categorise but have to write about, simply because they are so damn weird, wonderful or uniquely random.

Purely as a bit of fun, I also like to rate them (well I did say this blog was a bit out there.  I think I may also need a tiny bit of therapy…)  You’ll find the ratings on each of the Acts of Foodie Randomness posts, but just in case you come across them and wonder what the heck I am on about, here is a little breakdown:

The Octopus Diaries Food Blog

Scale of Foodie Randomness


A mild level of randomness, clearly brought on by one too many in the local


This is something a little different; I like it


A spot of randomness rocks


Why did I not think of this first!


A big breath of imaginative fresh air


Inspired and wonderfully unconventional


Did I really just experience that?


We may be starting to lose the plot here!




So far out there, the Octopus has left the building!