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March 2017

As a child my parents were always keen to introduce me to new cuisines, and to take me to restaurants where I had to sit still, in short early lessons in dining out.  However, it was something I was always keen to do with my kids, as while I was the fussiest eater alive back then (I only draw the line at bananas and sprouts now!) it was great to go out for special occasions and feel like a ‘grown up’.

Now, while taking my two to restaurants where I very clearly want to sit down, drink a bottle (or two) of wine, and not spend an hour and a half trying to join the dots or spot the difference in the kids activity pack is a no-goer; La Luna is certainly a restaurant that makes ‘dining out with kids’ just that little bit easier.

Situated in Talbot Green, on the outskirts of Cardiff, La Luna is an independently owned family brasserie.  Having been awarded an AA Rosette, it offers a relaxed dining experience for every occasion that is suitable for couples, families and groups.  A well laid out restaurant, you never feel like you are dining on top of each other  (although it can get noisy), and the welcome and customer service from the front of house team is friendly and efficient.

A range of menus are available including lunch, dinner and tapas.  However, when eating out with small people, the Early Diner and Little Luna menus are perfect for that pre-7pm reservation.  Priced at £15.95 for 2 courses and £17.95 for 3 courses (including a 125ml glass of white/ red wine or selected soft drink) and £6.95 (including the aforementioned activity kit!) respectively; at under £50 for a family of four to dine, it is excellent value for money.

Opting for a starter and main course myself, the kitchen were quick to honour my request of bringing out the children’s mains at the same time as a starter.  Always much appreciated unless you want to lose half of your starter!  Having previously dined at La Luna and enjoyed, I chose the bruschetta of sautéed mushrooms and ratatouille with basil pesto, mozzarella and (a lot of) rocket.  It wasn’t quite as good on this occasion, the bruschetta not being quite toasted enough and there being more rocket than ratatouille and mozzarella.  However, as you would expect it was a tasty combination of ingredients, with the peppers and garlic particularly prominent.

La Luna Restaurant Talbot Green

Heading onto the main course, I opted for the beer battered cod with home-made chips, mushy peas and the obligatory tartar sauce.  Again very pleasant, nothing to really shout out about, however the fish was well cooked and the batter was light and crispy.  Sadly, I didn’t quite make it through all the chips (they were a little chunky and filling for me) – however the vultures moved in and I ended the meal contented and with an empty plate!

La Luna Talbot Green Main Course

Now as I mentioned back in the beginning, I am keen to introduce different foods to my kids, and to be honest they are pretty good, although one likes prawns and the other smoked salmon (so clearly this may backfire on my bank balance at some point.)  However, while La Luna caters for the younger audience the menu is a little limited and there appears to be an abundance of what I like to call ‘beige food’ on there i.e. crispy chicken fillets, crispy battered fish fingers and pizza.  Nevertheless, it is freshly made and there are options to add various choices of veg to it – basically if your child (as many are) is a fussy eater, it’s a great restaurant to visit.

La Luna Fork

If like mine, and they have selected their dessert before they have even tucked into their main course,  I can safely say there are options on the menu to suit every little person’s pudding desires.  From home-made ice cream to various sundaes and the chocolate dipping pot, you just know that if they don’t finish it, you’re going to enjoy it too.  Naturally my two spotted the chocolate with strawberries and marshmallows and were straight in there. Naturally there was sweet F.A. left for me to steal afterwards!

Just one thing to note, a 5 year old with a fondue fork is equivalent to a WMD – you have been warned!

Bonus Points

  • A friendly, local neighbourhood brasserie offering good food and service in a relaxed dining atmosphere.
  • In a town where the ‘chains’ have taken over a little, it’s fantastic to have somewhere different that is standing out and being rewarded.with an AA Rosette for Culinary Excellence.
  • They have an upstairs Lounge Bar and a Secret Garden (perfect for Summer) that serves cocktails – need I say more!

Would I go again?

I have dined here a couple of times over the past 6 months, and would more than likely visit again.  The menus don’t appear to change that often though, however are very good value for money.

More importantly though…the kid’s verdict

Me : Did you like the restaurant?

Child 1 : Yes it was very fancy, and I really enjoyed it as it was my birthday.

Me: What was your favourite part?

Child 1: The chocolate dipping pot dessert, I liked licking the pot afterwards.  They also gave us a lolly after dinner.

Child 2: The lemon

Me: What lemon?

Child 2: The piece of lemon in the fizzy drink…I think that nicely sums up dining out with kids!

Would I recommend La Luna?

Yes.  Personally it’s not a restaurant I would go out of my way to visit, but if you’re in the area it should definitely be a choice.  However, as soon as this weather warms up, I’ll be in that garden sipping my Espresso Martini or (and) Pink Gin or (and) Piña Colada (obviously minus the kids!).

Address | 79 – 81 Talbot Road, Talbot Green, CF72 8AE

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