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March 2017

Evidently from some of my previous posts, it’s fairly obvious I am a bit of a hardcore carnivore and based on my insane distrust of any vegetable that didn’t resemble a pea or a carrot as a child, there will be a few members of my family who will be having a laugh at this post!  However, with a change of taste buds and a developed love of Indian cuisine (which subsequently led me to eating more vegetarian dishes), my trust issues have been resolved and unless it’s a sprout I am now inclined to give any vegetable a chance!

With this is mind, I was keen to experience Milgi’s – a highly rated vegetarian restaurant in Cardiff.  Having previously called in and been too late to dine but assaulted their cocktail menu, the repeat visit to try out their food menu was right up there on my to do list!  Located on City Road (the Albany Road end – N.B. for non- Cardiff residents it’s a long road with shocking parking unless you fancy a walk or risking a ticket!), it is what I would personally consider a little bit of a hidden gem.  As stated on Milgi’s website “we have a passion for natural food”, this is reflective of the branding, natural furnishings and general rustic feel in the restaurant – and while I wasn’t a massive fan of the slightly uncomfortable wooden chairs and PVC coated tablecloths, it all appeared to fit together to form a dining experience that was reflective of the dishes that I was about to receive!

The dish selection is a little limited, but there are specials available; nevertheless with three starters to choose from on the main menu, I opted for the parsnip rosti with red onion jam, aioli and lovage oil.  A beautifully crispy rosti was presented and to be honest I could not fault it – not having tried lovage oil before, it’s flavour was celery-like and complemented the rich onion jam and almost creamy aioli.

Milgi Cardiff Starter

A tortilla stack of re-fried beans, spiced roasted root vegetables, smashed avocado (sorry…I would just love to see one of these down Caroline Street on a Saturday night!), crispy blue corn tortillas, melted Welsh cheddar (you can have it without cheese and turn it Vegan), mango salsa and green leafs – combined together to make up my main course choice.  Even I was in awe at that moment, because as far as portion sizes go it was more than a generous serving.  Tucking in, again it was a beautiful dish, everything cooked well but the star of the show was the mango salsa – tangy and delicious it worked really well with the beans and vegetables.
Milgi Cardiff Main Course
(arghhh…note to self…do not write a blog post about great food when it’s lunch-time and you’re hungry!!…)
Ok..back from my fridge raid…I will say that it isn’t that cheap for dishes that don’t contain meat, the starters were £7.25 and the main courses were £11.50.  However, purely for the excellent quality of ingredients and quantity received, it is great value for money.  It is a little bit of a shame that I was so full after two courses, I just couldn’t find the space to fit in dessert or some of the cake that was on display.  Naturally this didn’t stop me for opting for a liquid one in the form of a Milgi’s cocktail though!
Milgi Cardiff cocktail
Having previously experienced Milgi’s cocktails, I knew they were pretty impressive and strong!  They certainly hadn’t changed and my apple and raspberry mojito had a good glug of rum in it!  No complaints here, except that the fresh raspberries kept blocking my straw…ok…that wasn’t a complaint by the way!!  Beautiful, refreshing and packing a punch, it was a fantastic end to a fantastic meal. 

Bonus Points:

  • Staff are friendly and clearly passionate about Milgi’s.  They are both approachable and knowledgeable about the food they’re serving, which is very useful when you come across a less recognisable ingredient.
  • I loved that you could see the Chef plating up, the care and attention that was being taken on presentation (and subsequently cooking) was great to see, especially on a busy Monday night service!
  • There is a cosy yurt out in the back, perfect for a relaxed drink and a change of scenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy restaurant.

Would I go again?

While I am not quite ready to give up my steak just yet, I loved Milgi’s and I will certainly be returning in the future.  They had an amazing looking cauliflower curry on as a special, so I don’t think it will be too long before I make a return visit.

Would I recommend Milgi’s?

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat lover, I can highly recommend Milgi.  Great service and great food in a unique restaurant in Cardiff…what more could you ask for.

Address | Milgi Plant Based Restaurant and Bar, 213 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3JD

Telephone | 029 20473150 (for reservations – you’ll need one!)

Web |

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BLOG UPDATE – APRIL 2019 | Milgi in Cardiff has now closed.


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