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May 2017As she relaxed on the balcony, carefree and casually sipping a large glass of Gavi di Gavi, with the warm 26°C sun beating down on her face; adorned with SPF15 and sunglasses (which rarely see the light of day)…a sudden (and somewhat amusing) thought entered her mind…seriously, how the hell was she in…

Edinburgh –  a city where the average annual temperature is 8.5°C, and the wind brings a whole new meaning to being ‘chilled to the bone’  Needless to say when the sun is out in this beautiful city, you are mad if you don’t take full advantage!

Ok…where was I?  Oh yes…’with the sunlight dappling her face and a glass of vino in hand’…ha ha, sorry I thought I’d just reinforce that point.  In fact I was actually located in ‘The Riccarton Inn’ in Currie.  A near 200 hundred year old Inn, where apparently there are “roaring coal fires to keep you cosy” – a wonderful thought in December, more appropriately, air con would have been welcome on our visit!

Nevertheless, in the pleasing absence of the roaring fires, the friendly welcome and cosiness was most definitely not amiss.  While retaining the traditional Scottish feel, the Inn has a contemporary feel, furnished with modern tartan covered chairs, wooden tables and I have to say some very fetching fishy wallpaper (so cool).

With a varied menu, the dishes are excellent value for money with starters ranging from £3.95 to £4.95.  It was at this point, that I became a fully fledged member of ‘The Cullen Skink Fanclub’.  How I had missed this Scottish speciality before, I have no clue…but uttering the words ‘when in Rome…try the soup’ (it’s ok to go WTF at this point, a combination of sun and wine had fried my brain!) – I think I meant when in Scotland, try a local dish ha ha; I am so glad I made my choice.  A thick Scottish soup of smoked haddock, potatoes and onions (and in this case cream), all combined to present one awesome bowl of salty, smoky creaminess…pin badge and certificate received and t-shirt in the post.

Riccarton Inn Cullen SkinkWhile a little less traditional, there were still a good selection of main dishes including steak, chorizo burgers and mac ‘n cheese, which again were all excellent value for money.  Opting for the beer battered haddock, smashed peas and chips at £11.50, my eyes were out on stalks when the dish arrived at the table…put simply, what an impressive dish.

The Riccarton Inn Main Course

A crispy ‘mountain’ of battered haddock with the most beautifully fresh and flaky fish, I can honestly say it was some of the best fish and chips I think I have ever had (and that’s saying something).  This combined with the accompanying mushy peas and tartar sauce, enhanced the dish to the point where a dishwasher would not have been required.

Naturally after that, dessert was pretty much off the agenda, which was a shame as the cheeseboard sounded right up my street.  However, we did order a portion of pecan pie…I’ll just leave the photo below for you to admire *drool over.  Needless to say the spoonful I managed to procure, was pretty damn tasty.

The Riccarton Inn Dessert

Bonus Points

  • A varied menu with home-cooked dishes, using fresh produce that are excellent value for money.
  • A ‘warm’ (definitely on the day I visited) and friendly welcome awaits you at The Riccarton Inn.  Nothing appeared to be too much bother, and the front of house team were relaxed and completely in control in a very busy restaurant.

Would I go again?

100% yes – it is a wonderful village Inn with amazing views of the Pentland Hills.  We had a very pleasant evening which I wouldn’t mind revisiting in the future…may be with the roaring fire feature next time!

Would I recommend The Riccarton Inn?

I am guessing it is probably frequented more so by locals, however it is literally only a 20 (ish) minute bus journey out from/into Edinburgh City Centre (apologies I say ‘ish’, as Edinburgh has an amazing bus service.   However because of it’s ability to turn up, it is utilised, and you can expect to stop at EVERY stop…that’s a story for another time).  Needless to say I would highly recommend The Riccarton Inn – a lovely setting with ‘droolworthy’ local dishes.

Address | 198 Lanark Road West, Edinburgh, EH14 5NX

Telephone | 0131 449 2230

Web |

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