Treviso Richmond Main Course

Treviso Restaurant

May 2017

Recently it very much feels like I’ve been on a ‘north-south’ tour of Italy (unfortunately without actually having left the UK and racking up any airmiles!).  Having been to Taormina in Crawley last month, I found myself mentally trekking 1300km north in the form of another Italian restaurant in the London suburban town of Richmond.

Located on the busy Kew Road, you could mistakenly dismiss Treviso as just another city Italian, with views of traffic and pedestrians being a distracting inevitability (well for my people watching/nosy self anyway!).  However, this couldn’t be further away from your dining experience, because on entering the restaurant you are transported into what could only be described as an Italian village restaurant and what I would consider as a cosy neighbourhood gem.

Treviso Restaurant Richmond

Seating approximately 34 (although there were seats outside too), I found the restaurant comfortable and homely.  The wooden tables, while a little on the snug side in terms of positioning, ensured that when Treviso started to fill up it made for a friendly and buzzing atmosphere.  With traditional Italian furnishings, amazingly large wine bottles (apparently from Verona and used for special occasions…you learn something new everyday!), and beautiful pink flowers painted on the windows (not being a gardener myself, I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what the flowers were!), it all came together to transport you away to its namesake.

With starters ranging from £4.95 for soup to £9.95 for pan seared scallops, pasta and risottos from £9.95 upwards and main dishes from £14.95 for roasted chicken breast to £24.95 for beef fillet medallions, the menu was small but varied.  However, after being verbally persuaded (ok not that much persuasion needed, basically the Maître d’ told me it was linguine with mussels and I was there!) by one of the delicious sounding daily specials, I opted for the ‘Linguine ai Frutti di Mare’.  A generous bowl of al dente pasta with king prawns, mussels, cockles and chilli; the seafood was well cooked and the heat of the chilli, while I would have liked it a little hotter (only personal preference) left a pleasing warmth on the lips.

Treviso Richmond Main Course

The other standout dish of the evening was the ‘Salmone al Vapore’ – a beautiful creamy bowl of poached salmon with mussels,leeks and potatoes on a white wine sauce.  I have to say both visually and in terms of taste, it was stunning.

Treviso Richmond Main Course

Not having taken up my usual Starter Queen status, we opted for the sweeter option instead.  With a selection of only four desserts and a cheeseboard, you would have thought choosing should have been a simple procedure.  However as usual, muggins here went for the wrong option (ok maybe not the wrong option) but when you spend your time salivating over another pudding, it brought a whole new meaning and a bizarre twist on ‘The Hunger Games’, when the odds were very clearly not ever in my favour!

With the Tiramisu making a grand entrance on the table, and tasting amazing, it was simply a beautiful combination of mascarpone and coffee.  Unfortunately, I have to say I was a little disappointed by the vanilla and coffee Panna cotta.  While the actual taste was as expected, creamy and with a hint of coffee, it just wasn’t set.  To be fair I had been informed that they hadn’t quite set before I ordered, which seemed a little strange to me as surely you just wouldn’t include it on the menu.  Nevertheless, at £5.20 for essentially a bowl of vanilla cream it was a little on the expensive side.

Treviso Dessert

Bonus Points

  • Serving seasonally inspired food, all of the dishes are freshly cooked using carefully sourced ingredients.
  • A welcoming front of house team who went out of their way to make us feel at home.  Service was relaxed and unobtrusive.
  • This blog post has done wonders for my geographical knowledge of Italy – ha ha…now just to sample the delights of Murano in Mayfair and Pentolina in Brook Green and I think we’re pretty much done on the tour!

Would I go again?

As we were visiting the area it is unlikely, however that is not to say I wouldn’t return if I was in the vicinity.  All in all it was a very enjoyable dining experience.

Would I recommend Treviso?

Definitely.  A lovely little gem of a restaurant, that based on the full occupancy is supported well by the local community.  Best to avoid disappointment though and make a reservation before you go!

Address | 94 Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2PQ

Telephone | 020 8940 0033

Web |

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